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We have not really talked about this in any detail at all, just brought it up as an idea.  A myth, a legend.

3 days.

Total seclusion.

Games, movies, TV (OC lol), tabletop games, airsoft, dong3, whatever.

Here is planning:

Whose house can we have it at?

Trevor Spencer will be at his mom's during this time period, but he has
said that it will be very hard to work that out.  SO it's doubtful
we'll be having there.  Any volunteers would be great.

When will it be?

No idea.  Everyone post when you are free for three days in
a row.  Keep in mind things like Christmas, and that you might
want to get FOUR free days in a row, the fourth being for recovery.

Also, we might want to do it after Christmas, if at all possible. 
I know people like Jack will want to put their new hardware to good
use, and people like me will want to put their new games to good use.

We've lucked out with the date of Christmas this year.  It's on
saturday, so we've got a sunday through friday, friday being New Year's
Eve.  I think having it Monday through Wednesday would be
ideal.  I assume that would work for a lot of people.

What games will we play?

Star Wars Buttlefront

Dong 3

Counter-Strike Source maybe?  I don't know how easy that is to get.

Desert Combat maybe?

Halol 2 on the xboxen

I don't know, the usual stuff.  Post any new suggestions.

Also; Cory, Nic, Rick, Trevor S, and I will all be playing some
Dungeons and Dragons.  I have all the rulebooks and stuff on my
computer, so that's covered.

What will keep us running?

Food and lots of it.  Drinks too.  I know I'll be
breaking my recent health food craze to partake in the shit we'll be

We should probably all go in on some 24 or 36 or whatever cases of bawls.  Also some insane caffeine stuff they have on thinkgeek.

I don't know about everyone else, but I definitely want to avoid
leaving the house.  This means pre-LAN stockpiling of all
foods.  This includes frozen pizzas and stuff like that.


Post what you can bring.  E.G. a TV for console lanning, console
gear like xbox or games like halol2 and whatnot.  Also if you have
any new PC games that you are able to share and think would be fun to
play, post them.  Or if you want to play a game and don't have it,
then post it and someone will try to get it.

Reply with whatever thoughts you have on this.

I'm free Monday through Friday before Christmas, and Sunday through Friday after Christmas.

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